Florida State at 2023 FAEA Conference

Florida State University had another great showing at the recent annual Florida Art Education Association Conference. FSU Alum, Dr. Laurie Hoppock, was acknowledged with the “Supervisor/Administrator of the Year Award”. Presentations and Artist Bazaar booths were led by FSU Alumni, Faculty, and students including, but not limited to: Dr. Rachel Fendler, Dr. Amber Ward, Caiti Bauer, Dr. Nicole Crane, Dr. Laurie Hoppock, Latonya Hicks (FAEA President), , Katharyn Jones, Debi Barrett-Hayes, Jessica Barthle, Barbara Davis, Karissa James, Dr. Susannah Brown, , Bonnie Bernau, Kathleen Tracey, Tracy Canada, Taylor Martins, Gerri Sweeney, Maria Anselmo, Brie Medina, Patricia Lamb, Jennifer Wilkinson, Allison Prater, Sena Karatas Ozturk, Samantha Fast, Joanna Godfrey, Abby Johnson, Savannah Keys, Will Rowe, Dr. Marilyn Proctor Givens, Hsuan Chi Liu, Hsin Fang, Ko-Hui Lin, and yours truly (all apologies to anyone I might have overlooked . . . it certainly wasn’t intentional). Congratulations to all and thanks to FAEA for giving us this opportunity and for all that they do!