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Hip-hop, art, and visual culture:
Connections, influences, and critical discussions
Co-edited by Jeffrey L. Broome and Lisa Munson
MDPI (2020)



Responding to the challenge to care:
Suggestions for art education curricula
Coauthored with Bryna Bobick, Alyssia Ruggiero, and Cindy Jesup
Published in Art Education (2019)



Curriculum management
Published as an encyclopedia entry in the International encyclopedia of art
and design education 
(Vol. 2) edited by K. Freedman (2019)



Hip hop family tree treasury editions:
A book review for art and visual culture educators
Published in Arts (2019)





Families: Accepting otherness and a model for caring
Published as an online ancillary resource for Global consciousness through
the arts by A. Richards, & S. Willis (2018)




Critical thinking: Art criticism as a tool for analyzing and evaluating art,
instructional practice and social justice issues
Co-authored with Adriane Pereira and Tom Anderson
Published in the International Journal of Art & Design Education (2018)




Essays on systems thinking: Applications for art education
Co-authored with Julia Marshall, Cathy Smilan, Yuha jung, Victoria Eudy, Delane Ingalls Vanada, Ann Rowson Love, and Pat Villeneuve
Published in the Journal of Art for Life (2017)





Assessing the professional development needs of arts instructors working in
multi-age classrooms
Published in Arts Education Policy Review (2016)




The art teacher and multi-age homeroom teachers:
Qualitative observations and comparisons
Published in the International Journal of Education and the Arts (2016)




Art education with migrant Hispanic populations in multi-age elementary
classrooms: Instructional strategies learned from practice
Published as a book chapter in Culturally Sensitive Art Education in a
Global World
edited by M. C. Manifold, S. Willis, & E. Zimmerman (2016)




Using hip-hop music to enhance critical discussions
on postmodern art
Published in Art Education (2015)




Experiences in multiage art education:
Suggestions for teachers working with split class combinations
Coauthored with Karen Heid, Jan Johnston, and Dan Serig
Published in Art Education (2015)



Unraveling the yarn:
Self-reflection, critical incidents, and missteps leading to continued
growth as a culturally sensitive art educator
Published in the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (2014)





Commentary – The case for humanistic curriculum:
A discussion of curriculum theory applied to art education
Published in the Journal of Art for Life (2014)





Factors influencing art teachers’ perceptions of
multiage classes
Published in Visual Arts Research (2014)





A case study in classroom management and school involvement:
Designing an art room for effective learning
Published in Art Education (2013)




Survey research
Published as book chapter in Practice theory:
Seeing the power of art teacher researchers

edited by M. Buffington, & S. W. McKay (2013)




Gifted and artistically talented in a rural environment:
Personal reflections from experience
Published for the International Symposium on Gifted Education
in Arts 
edited by T. Kang (2012)




Suggested approaches for gifted art education in a postmodern age:
Art for Life and multi-age education as guiding models
Published for the International Symposium on Gifted Education
in Arts 
edited by T. Kang (2012)




An integrated and collaborative approach to Art for Life:
The impact of environmental forces on our lives
Coauthored with Monica Broome
Published in the Journal of Art for Life (2010)




Observations from a multiage art classroom
Published in Art Education Australia (2009)





A descriptive study of multi-age art education in Florida
Published in Studies in Art Education (2009)






Arranging your art room for effective learning
Published as a National Art Education Association




Multiage education as an alternative to the McDonaldization of
schools: Applying Ritzer’s sociological framework to modern education
Published in the Journal of Multiage Education (2008)