FAEA Conference: FSU Presenters & Award Winners

Florida State University had another great showing at the annual Florida Art Education Association Conference in October. Presentations were given by FSU Alumni, Faculty, and students including, but not limited to: Caiti Bauer, Minki Jeon, Dr. Nicole Crane, Dr. Laurie Hoppock, Allison Prater, Egda Claudio, Latonya Hicks, Dr. Rachel Fendler, Dr. Sara Scott Shields, Katharyn Jones, Debi Barrett-Hayes, Jessica Barthle, Barbara Davis, Karissa Herb, Dr. Susannah Brown, Dr. Amber Ward, Joanna Davis-Lanum, Christine Schebilski, Zackary Crawford, Emily Delheim, Kellie Fallon, Jesus Quintero, Valentina Valbuena-Lopez, Lily Vann-Womack, Bonnie Bernau, Kathleen Tracey, Shaquela Russ, Michelle Hartsfield, and yours truly (all apologies to anyone I might have overlooked . . . it certainly wasn’t intentional). Chrissy Schebilski was acknowledged with the “Local Art Education Association Leader Award” and I was honored to be named the co-recipient of the “FAEA Distinguished Service Award” along with the amazing Mabel Morales. Congratulations to all and thanks to FAEA for giving us this opportunity and for all that they do!