FSU’s Big Presence at NAEA Convention

Florida State University had a great showing at this year’s National Art Education Association Conference. FSU faculty members (Sara Scott Shields, Rachel Fendler, Amber Ward) and students (Egda Claudio, Stevie Newbold, Sena Karatas Ozturk, Elizabeth Odom) all gave presentations. FSUS retired professor Debi Barrett-Hayes won the Mac Arthur Goodwin Award, while FSU alumna (Debrah Sickler-Voigt) received the USSEA Ziegfield National Service Award. I was proud to co-lead a presentation with my friend and collaborator, Dr. Renee Sandell (inspired by a previous project by the one and only, Dr. Tom Anderson). Many FSU alumni presented as well, including, but not limited to: Alexandra Allen, Jaehan Bae, Zerric Clinton, Yichien Cooper, Oksun Lee, Adriane Pereira, Ryan Shin, Debrah Sickler-Voigt, Yiwen Wei, Steve Willis, Y. Pat Chou, Jennifer Garcia, Annie McFarland, Kim Landers, Gretchen Hale, and Hsiu Chun-Yang. All apologies to anyone I might have missed. (Thanks also to NAEA for allowing us to present virtually this year, if we weren’t up for travel yet. That was a kind gesture that I took advantage of.) FSU was well represented and the conference was great!