FSU Professors Publish in “International Encyclopedia of Art & Design Education”

It was great news to hear about the recent release of the “International Encyclopedia of Art Design Education” the other day. I’m excited to have made a small contribution to Volume II on the subject of curriculum, along with so many other authors around the world that I admire so much. And it’s even more exciting to know that one of those authors is my good friend and colleague at FSU, Rachel Fendler. Rachel’s entry is on “Art Education in Spain” with Fernando Hernandez-Hernandez, and mine is on “Curriculum Management in Art”. (It’s nice to be sharing some ink with you, Rachel!) The three volume set of encyclopedias is available from Wiley publications, and the lead editor was Richard Hickman from the University of Cambridge. Thank you Kerry Freedman for including me in this project, and also to the other associate editors John Baldacchino, Emese Hall, and Nigel Meager. (https://www.wiley.com/…/The+International+Encyclopedia+of+A…)