Multiple Accolades for FSU Department of Art Education

The summer and fall semesters have been very productive for faculty, students, alumni, and collaborators within Florida State University’s Department of Art Education, and they’ve collected many well deserved accolades in honor of their hard work. Congratulations goes to Florida State University’s own Dr. Sara Scott Shields for her outstanding and moving article offering a “Reflection on the Pulse Nightclub Shooting” in a recent issue of Art Education, and also to doctoral candidate Cindy Jesup for her article,”Adapting Art Critiques to Address Digital Harm”, in Visual Arts Research. Dr. Rachel Fendler continues her stellar publication record with her recent article, “Resignifying the Negative Space”, in the International Journal of Education and the Arts. Congratulations also goes to doctoral student Yiwen Wei for winning a prestigious research grant from the National Art Education Foundation to fund her dissertation and for her involvement in the FSU Fellow Society Induction Ceremony. We are also proud to acknowledge the accomplishments of FSUS secondary art teacher and FSU cooperating teacher Barbara Davis for being named Florida’s 2017 Art Educator of the Year. Finally, we also wanted to congratulate FSU alumna and cooperating teacher Dr. Marilyn Proctor Givens for receiving an exhibition award from the Florida Art Education Association for her raku ceramic and mixed media piece “Generational Legacy”. I’m so lucky to get the opportunity to work with such talented, gifted, and hardworking people in every facet of my job. Way to go FSU Art Education!