FSU Art Ed Closes Out 2016 with Honors

The closing weeks of the 2016 fall semester were full of accomplishments for Art Education students at Florida State University. First, I would like to congratulate all of our art education students who successfully completed their Student Teaching Experience. Caiti Ward, Leanna Arroyo, Logan Pattyson, Maddison Stevens, Morgan Jackson, Rileigh Puckett, Ryan Robinson, Samantha Beauregard and Jay Cabrera are well on their way to becoming dynamic professionals in our field. (Special congratulations goes to Jay who graduated and now holds a combined degree with a Bachelors in Studio Art and a Masters in Art Education.) Doctoral students Jennifer Hammock, Cindy Jesup, Yiwen Wei, Fatemah Alazmi, and Jaye-Tremille McNair closed out the semester by successfully passing the prospectus portion of the dissertation and will be ready to collect data in 2017. I have no doubt that the new year will be full of more accolades and honors from FSU’s Art Education students. Congratulations!