Brief Biography

Jeff Broome is an associate professor and director of doctoral programming for the Department of Art Education at Florida State University. Jeff’s research focuses on providing practical suggestions and resources for K-12 art teachers, often through narrative inquiry. He investigates topics relevant to art teachers’ concerns, including instruction in multi-age settings, classroom management, and caring approaches to art education. Jeff delivers presentations at international, national, state, and district conferences. He previously served as the Director of the Higher Education Division of both the National Art Education Association (NAEA) and the Florida Art Education Association (FAEA), and as co-chair of the 2019 and 2020 Art Education Research Institute Symposium. Jeff’s manuscripts have been published as book chapters and in academic journals. He was named the 2016 Higher Education Art Educator of the Year by FAEA, and the 2020 Southeastern Region Higher Education Art Educator of the Year by NAEA. Previously, Jeff worked for the University of North Texas, the University of Georgia, and as a public school art teacher where he received a Teacher of the Year Award from Cypress Creek Elementary. His co-authored book with Renee Sandell, “Real Lives Now: Narratives of Art Educators and 21st Century Learning”, is set for release in 2023.